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May 1, 2012

Men's elite podium with winner Jeff Pendlebury

The Steel City Showdown took place Sunday April 29 on Pittsburgh’s North Shore with warm temps and sun shining on the participants as they raced the bridges.  Hundreds of cyclists and spectators attended the event that took place on the historic Roberto Clemente and Andy Warhol Bridges next to PNC Park. The course made for an exciting race for spectators and riders with wide sweeping corners and uphill sprints as the racers climbed the two bridges each lap.

Women’s Elite podium with local winner Stehanie Swan

The Men’s elite race was won by Jeff Pendlebury (Cleveland Clinic Sports/RGF P/b Felt) from Ohio.  Jared Babik (GPOA), Pittsburgh native and winner of the two previous editions of the event fought Jeff all the way to the line for 2nd. The Women’s elite race was won by Pittsburgh’s Stephanie Swan (Pro Bikes) against a strong women’s field.  Another exciting race was the Juniors event which was dominated by the Young Medalists / Team Rothrock squad from Eastern PA.  In all, there were almost 300 racers from 11 states that made the trip to Pittsburgh just to experience the thrill and challenge of racing the bridges.

The Young Medalists / Team Rothrock squad dominated the Junior race (photo by Fred Jordan)

The Steel City Showdown has grown into a premier event since it was first held in 2008 thanks in large part to generous sponsors, including title sponsorship by Allegheny Sports Medicine. Featured sponsors include Sota Construction,  Dominic’s Famous Deli, Full Pint Brewing, Hyatt North Shore, Eatn’ Park, Printscape Imaging and Graphics, and Big Bang Bikes.  Other local bike shops Trek of Pittsburgh and Pro Bikes were also strong supporters.

This race featured top talent and strong local support (photo by Titan Photography)

In addition to the days’ races, the organizers arranged The Steel City Showdown Tailgate featuring local bike shops, sponsors and non-profit organizations. Tents lined the course showing off cycling-related products and services as well as tasty snacks and beverages for everyone to enjoy.  This type of atmosphere makes the Steel City Showdown more about the cycling and sports community in general than just bike racing.

The Steel City Showdown is Western PA's Premier Downtown Criterium (photo by Mike Briggs)

Race organizers are already looking forward to growing the event for the 2013 edition. The community embraced the Steel City Showdown, making this Western Pennsylvania’s premier and only downtown criterium. With the bar set high organizers believe that in the coming years people will view Pittsburgh as “a perfect crossroads for bike racing, where the speed of the East meets the best of the West.”

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Top Results

Men’s 1/2/3

1. Jeff Pendlebury (Cleveland Clinic / RGF P/b Felt Bicycles)
2. Jared Babik (GPOA)
3. Paul Martin (Panther P/b Competitive Cyclist)

Women’s 1/2/3

1. Stephanie Swan (Pro Bikes – Pittsburgh)
2. Frances Doherty
3. Dori Buckethal (North Tek)

 Men’s 3/4

1. Kevin Westover (Spokes-N-Skis)
2. Kevin Ordons (Universty of Pittsburgh)
3. Zac Kephart (Spokes-N-Skis / Altoona Bicycle Club)

Women’s 3/4

1. Nadia Latzgo (Young Medalists / Team Rothrock)
2. Dori Buckethal (North Tek)
3. Jacqueline McClure (CAWES / iFractal P/b Specialized)

 Masters 45+

1. Brian Batke (Carbon Racing)
2. Craig Cozza (UPMC Cycling Performance / Pro Bikes)
3. Ramon Benitez (AVC)

 Masters 55+

1. John Chamberlain (Evolution Long and Foster)
2. Patrick Gellineau (Team Squiggle)
3. Skip Rogers (UPMC / Pro Bikes)


1. Christopher Meacham (Young Medalists / Team Rothrock)
2. Zachary Houlik (Young Medalists / Team Rothrock)
3. Dakota Schaeffer (Young Medalists / Team Rothrock)

Men’s 5

1. Jeff Beyer (WVU Cycling)
2. Chris Mangen (Midwest Express / Team IPro)
3. Dennis Borden (Queen City Cyclists)

Juniors U19

1. Alan Royek (Hollyloft/Alfies)
2. Chase Howard (Pro Bikes)
3. John Hoffman (Team Spin)

Full results available at USA Cycling.

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